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5 Questions you should ask before you start shopping for your perfect wedding dress.

CONGRADULATIONS your engaged!!! We know you have been dreaming of your perfect wedding day since you were little and are excited to start the wedding planning. But before you start the search for your perfect wedding dress there are some questions you should ask before you book a bridal appointment.

1) Should I schedule an appointment?

Yes, just like most bridal shops we prefer you to have a bridal appointment. This allows our bridal consultants time to get to know a little about you. Which is why we send out an email with a little interview after you book an appointment with us.

While you are asking about an appointment be sure to ask them if you have a time limit. Here at Diane's, we give you an hour so yes being on time is very important. We do appointments Tue- Sat.

2) What should I bring with me to my appointment?

This is a very important question as well. Here at Diane's, we recommend that you bring proper undergarments as these can change how a gown fits and feels when trying it on. If you plan on wearing shape wear, we recommend you bring that as well because it can add up to two inches.

3) What size dresses do you carry?

Yet another very important question to ask when calling to book an appointment, as some bridal boutiques only carry a minimal range. But don't worry here at Diane's that is not the case. We are proud to say that we carry a wide variety of dresses in each size. Our dresses start at a size 4 and go up to 36. This is very important to Diane as her daughters did not have the best experience, so she has made it her mission to help every bride look and feel both beautiful and confident on her wedding day.

4) Do you offer alteration?

Unfortunately, every dress is going to need some type of alteration as not everyone is made the same. Here at Diane's, we do not do alterations; however, we do have a list of some very talented ladies who would be more than happy to help you. If you prefer someone who is not on our list, make sure you ask them if they have experience with doing bridal alterations.

5) Can I take pictures?

Some bridal boutiques do not let you take pictures. Here at Diane's, we highly encourage you to take them, we will even take them for you if you need us too. We also suggest that you get pictures from every angle so you can see what it looks like from every angle when you go through the pictures. This is often how a bride can decide on which dress is her dress if she has several favorites.

Now that we have answered all the questions that we encourage you to ask when searching for the right bridal store, are you ready for us to help you find your dream dress? Make an appointment with us and by the end of it we guarantee you will feel like part of our family!

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